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We are pioneers in EV applications in the Pine Tree State. As Maine’s EV network grows, our resources for financial incentives, research guides, and charging options will serve to inform and guide Mainers in their transportation decisions. Our developing partnership with EV Charging installers will allow interested residents and business to realize their charging needs. […]

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Maine EVs

With our interesting weather, diversity of geography, terrain, and communities, electric vehicles are a topic of conversation among Mainers and visitors from away. Gone are the days of one or two special automakers offering electric models.

With almost every automaker offering or planning, electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles, we can buy charge, and service our vehicles right here in the Pine Tree state.

EVs in Maine

On our blog, we examine the realities of EV usage and charging throughout Maine. Whether it is the bitter cold, heavy snow, mud season, or August traffic along the coast, the possibilities, and obstacles of EVs are offered up in a straightforward manner.

EV Charging in Maine

With a growing network of over 425 public chargers with dozens coming online monthly, fast charging on the go is becoming a reality for much of the state. While you will not see a charger on the Golden Road, or some remote parts of the state for a long time, most of the state has charging infrastructure ready or in the works.

Most EV owners are installing level 2 chargers at home and affordable, efficient options exist for both residential and commercial applications.

EV Charging Near ME

As Maine expands public charging options, we will keep you informed as to all developments. From the I-95 corridor to downtown spots in Augusta, Bangor, and Portland, our goal is to make the options for EV usage clear.

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We are a Maine-based small business with a big reach. Our goal is to educate Maine consumers on EV options and pair consumers and businesses in the electric vehicle industry statewide.

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