EV Math

As electric vehicles grow in popularity, become more affordable, and become a real option for millions of new consumers, the choice to switch to an EV can be expressed through a basic mathematical equation. The attractiveness of EVs can be

Prominent Public EV Chargers Across Maine

Public EV chargers are available in many locations throughout Maine. Here are a few examples: You can find a map of public EV chargers in Maine on the website of the Maine Department of Transportation or at Efficiency Maine. Charging

Top 10 Vehicles in Auto History

Game-Changing Autos Here are 10 of the most important vehicles in automotive history: EVs in Maine As electric vehicles grow in popularity, the number on the road in Maine will rise proportionally. Given the rural landscape of most of the

How do EVs work?

Electric vehicles (EVs) work by using an electric motor to power the wheels. The electric motor is powered by a battery, which is charged by plugging the EV into an electrical outlet. EVs do not require gasoline or diesel fuel,