Prominent Public EV Chargers Across Maine

Public EV chargers are available in many locations throughout Maine. Here are a few examples:

  • Bangor: There are several public EV chargers located in Bangor, including at the University of Maine, the Cross Insurance Center, and the Bangor Mall.
  • Augusta: There are several public EV chargers located in Augusta, including at the Maine State House, the Augusta Civic Center, and the Augusta Mall.
  • Portland: There are many public EV chargers located in Portland, including at the Maine Mall, the Cumberland Center Mall, and the Portland Jetport.
  • Lewiston: There are several public EV chargers located in Lewiston, including at the University of Southern Maine, the Lewiston-Auburn Regional Airport, and the Androscoggin Mall.
  • Presque Isle: There are several public EV chargers located in Presque Isle, including at the University of Maine at Presque Isle, the Presque Isle Mall, and the Caribou Regional Airport.

You can find a map of public EV chargers in Maine on the website of the Maine Department of Transportation or at Efficiency Maine.

Charging Basics

How to charge your EV in public:

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  1. Find a public charging station. You can use a charging station locator app or website to find public charging stations near you.
  2. Plug in your car. The charging cable will usually be attached to the charging station. If not, you may need to bring your own charging cable.
  3. Authenticate and start the session. You will need to authenticate with the charging station using a credit card, a smartphone app, or a RFID card. Once you are authenticated, the charging session will start.
  4. Monitor the charging progress. The charging station will display the amount of charge that has been added to your car.
  5. End the charging session. When you are finished charging, you can end the session by pressing the button on the charging station or by using the smartphone app or RFID card.

Here are some additional tips for using public charging stations:

  • Be sure to check the charging station’s availability before you arrive. Some charging stations are only available during certain hours or on certain days.
  • If you are using a public charging station that is not part of a network, you may need to pay for charging in advance.
  • Be sure to unplug your car when you are finished charging.
  • If you have any problems using a public charging station, you can contact the charging station’s operator for assistance.