Public EV Chargers in Maine

As you well know, Maine is a large state with many rural areas. Fortunately, most of the state’s population is centered along the I-95 corridor, allowing the creation of a skeleton—perfect for EV charging infrastructure.

Some reluctance to purchase an EV in the state stems from concern over available public charging. State initiatives and private investment has resulted in hundreds of public chargers in 2023. As electric vehicles become more common in the Pine Tree State, the number of chargers will continue to grow as well.

map of the state of Maine, MainelyEVs

You can find public electric vehicle (EV) charging stations in Maine through various online resources, including:

  1. The U.S. Department of Energy’s Alternative Fuels Data Center (AFDC) at
  2. PlugShare, a mobile app and website for EV drivers
  3. The website for the charging network you plan to use (e.g. Tesla Superchargers, ChargePoint, etc.)

These resources allow you to search for charging stations by location, type of connector, and other filters, and also view real-time availability and user-submitted reviews.

Public EV Charging Locations in Maine

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Home Charging for EVs

Home charging will continually be sought by EV owners as a convenient, guaranteed recharge for their equipment. The ability to recharge overnight in a garage or driveway is crucial. Home chargers, known as level 2 chargers, can be installed for under $2000 with rebates existing in Maine from Efficiency Maine. Additionally, you can find information about installing an EV charger at your home or business at

Some Mainers question the practicality of EVs in Maine winters. America Charged recently explored the realities of cold weather for both gas and EV owners.

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