EV Math

As electric vehicles grow in popularity, become more affordable, and become a real option for millions of new consumers, the choice to switch to an EV can be expressed through a basic mathematical equation. The attractiveness of EVs can be

Which states buy the most EVs?

States and EV growth Based on recent data, the states that see the most EVs (electric vehicles) sold in the U.S. are: Other states with a significant market for EVs include Hawaii, Oregon, Illinois, Colorado, Arizona, and Massachusetts. However, overall,

F-150 Lightning, Mainely EVs

Have you seen lightning in Maine?

Billed as a radical, yet practical truck by Ford with an available 320 miles EPA-estimated range and a 0-60 Mph time of under 4 seconds! Based on the configuration, these stats are attainable with a maximum payload of 1,952 lbs. and

Public EV Chargers in Maine

As you well know, Maine is a large state with many rural areas. Fortunately, most of the state’s population is centered along the I-95 corridor, allowing the creation of a skeleton—perfect for EV charging infrastructure. Some reluctance to purchase an