The Most Popular EV Models

photo of electric vehicle on road in front of mountains, MainelyEVs
Ford Mustang Mach-e in Maine Winter Mode

As EVs grow in popularity globally and nationally, we have compiled a list of the most popular EV models. Some, like Tesla, are not available in Maine due to a lack of new car dealerships. Other models are in short supply due to high demand and low supply.

  1. Tesla Model S – An insanely fast and efficient premium sedan.
  2. Tesla Model 3 – The most affordable Tesla model.
  3. Tesla Model X – The practical, crossover extraordinaire.
  4. Tesla Model Y – A 7- passenger hauler.
  5. Chevrolet Bolt EV – A very affordable and readily available model.
  6. Nissan Leaf- Time-tested affordability and availability.
  7. Ford Mustang Mach-E- Much praised and common throughout the state.
  8. Audi e-tron – Cutting-edge technology
  9. Jaguar I-PACE- Stylish British available in Southern Maine
  10. Hyundai Kona Electric- plentiful and budget-friendly
  11. Kia Niro EV- positioned for strong sales
  12. Porsche Taycan
  13. BMW i3
  14. Volkswagen ID.4
  15. Rivian R1T
  16. Lucid Air- extreme luxury and the EV range leader!
  17. Fisker Ocean
  18. Polestar 2
  19. Rivian R1S- Innovative SUV
  20. Ford F-150 Lightning Pickup.

EVs in Maine

Electric vehicles are becoming increasingly common throughout the nation. Maine has harsh winters with both cold and snow that many question the suitability of EVs. With many models coming with AWD as a standard feature and heavier weights than comparable gas models, winter traction is as good or better.

Charging is impacted by cold more than heat, so a 20-40% range mid-winter is to be expected. Drivers who have enclosed garages will see less range loss, and heated garages are even better. One of the issues drivers have encountered is the question of charger availability. With over 406 public chargers right now and more each week, expect the concern to diminish over time.

We cover all topics related to EVs in Maine, from charging options, model research, and availability, as well as trending topics in consumer and automotive discussion.

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