Your November EV Report for Maine

With all the changes in the EV market, let’s quickly update the situation. There are many deals stacked up throughout Maine this Fall. Recently, GM and Ford eased off their massive EV expansion plans after slowing sales and continued losses

How much does it cost to charge an EV in Maine?

Thinking about the actual cost to charge an EV in Maine, we provide you with a couple of real-world examples: Example 1: Tesla Model 3 Here is our basic calculation to determine the charging cost statewide for Tesla’s cheapest model:

Top 10 Vehicles in Auto History

Game-Changing Autos Here are 10 of the most important vehicles in automotive history: EVs in Maine As electric vehicles grow in popularity, the number on the road in Maine will rise proportionally. Given the rural landscape of most of the

How do EVs work?

Electric vehicles (EVs) work by using an electric motor to power the wheels. The electric motor is powered by a battery, which is charged by plugging the EV into an electrical outlet. EVs do not require gasoline or diesel fuel,

Which states buy the most EVs?

States and EV growth Based on recent data, the states that see the most EVs (electric vehicles) sold in the U.S. are: Other states with a significant market for EVs include Hawaii, Oregon, Illinois, Colorado, Arizona, and Massachusetts. However, overall,

Why are EVS sold out?

The question is often asked and beyond the limited production numbers of many EV models, there are other factors at work. There are several reasons why electric vehicles (EVs) are currently experiencing high demand and often selling out. Here are

Are EVs going to take over?

Electric vehicles (EVs) have been gaining in popularity in recent years, and there are several factors that suggest they will continue to grow in popularity. However, it’s difficult to say definitively whether EVs will completely take over the automotive industry

EV User Guide

Here’s a a very basic user guide for electric vehicles: Congratulations on purchasing an electric vehicle (EV)! We’re excited to have you join the growing community of EV owners who are concerned about sustainable transportation. Here are some important things

Your Guide to Winter and the EV in Maine

Maine is known for its beautiful coastline, lobster, potatoes, gorgeous pine forests, lakes, mountains, and of course, interesting weather. Winter is the longest season by far, and cold weather persists even on the more moderate coast. So what is the

EV Charging Times

One of the things people often ask is, “How long does it take to charge an EV?”. Simply, the time it takes to charge an electric vehicle (EV) can vary depending on different factors, including: The average time it takes